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All those pictures were taken during our tours and trips through Mongolia. We grouped them by theme. Enjoy your virtual travel to Mongolia.

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To make your virtual visit easier, we grouped the pictures by theme. Feel free to travel through or different chapters.

Our Travel Pictures

Classic Pictures

Old Mongolian Pictures - Mongolian People - Mongolian Woman

Mongolian Animals

Pictures by Region

Khovsgol Lake - Central Mongolia - Western Mongolia - Eastern Mongolia - Gobi Desert

Pictures of Special Interest

Mongolian Monastery - Sambala & Khamariin Khiid Monastery - Deer Stones - Ancient Scripts - Ugly Mongolia - Mongolia from the Sky - Mongolian Festival - Mongolian Yurts - Carved Yurts

Picture of Active Travel

Horse Riding - Camel Riding - Trekking - Kayaking - Mountaineering

ATV-Quad - Fly Fishing - Kite Buggy - Paragliding - Mountain Bike - 4X4 Off Road


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